Branding a startup

When we’re talking about branding we’re not just going on about how smart your logo is! We’re talking about the entire company, what you stand for, what message your trying to portray, your cole values etc! It really isn’t acceptable to think of these messages later. Startups are usually strapped for cash all the time and don’t tend to put much aside for there branding budget but heres a bunch of tips you can use to keep it cheap!

1. Get a Plan

Plan it properly! having a plan from the ouside will make everything easier. Do the research, dig deep, decide on your targets and then figure out how you’re going to accomplish it. Look at what your competitors are doing and figure out if it’s working for them. It could be you find something that could apply to your startup. Anyways get all this information down and you an figure out what your going to keep and what not to keep. It’ll put you in the right direction either way.

2. Don’t DIY

Branding involves a lot more than just the logo design! Oh and don’t do the logo design yourself either. You generally shouldn’t attempt to brand your own company. Branding and design agencies train for years and are professionals at what they do! Once you’ve got a plan down take it to an agency and hear what they have to say. A good agency will make you more money than they cost!

Check out Pearlfisher, they’ve got multiple great examples of work completed on their site.


4. Try Thinking Like Your Customers

Why not try and get into the mindset of your customers! Detach yourself from the personal attachments you’ll have and be extremely critical!

5. Be Transparent

If you’re going to be producing content for your business as part of the strategy, I strongly advise to think hard about the posts you’re going to make. Figure out what your customers want to know, give them beneficial information etc! If you knock down the walls and give your customers everything they need they’ll probably come to you and learn from you. You’ll of built this element of trust that your competitors might not.

6. Perception

Most startups can’t afford an office, they can’t afford an assistant etc! Chances are you’re still working from home or sleeping in your office but do you want the world to know that? Do you want to be looked at as a little startup barely getting off the ground? of course not. Fake it till you make it they say, think about how you want your brand to apear. First impressions count! don’t mess it up.

You might work from your bedroom in your underpants and slippers, but do you want the world to think that? Or do you want to be known as a top business in your respected field? Hiring a professional branding expert will help you achieve the brand positioning that you desire. Think about the way you want your brand to appear. Are you a freelancer or a big corporation? Do you want your customers to know that you’re working out of your spare room? First impressions count, make sure you get it right.

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